December 2013: Featured Athlete on NPC News Online

CLICK LINK TO READ: http://npcnewsonline.com/team-npc-profile-masters-bikini-competitor-dr-harriet-n-davis/95396/


January 2014: Featured Athlete on Rx Muscle/Rx Girl

CLICK LINK TO READ: http://rxmuscle.com/rx-girl-articles/athlete-profiles/9971-spotlight-on-npc-bikini-competitor-dr-harriet-davis.html


January 2014: Featured Model of the week on RippedNFit

CLICK LINK TO READ: http://www.rippednfit.com/lifestyle/rippednfit-model-of-the-week-dr-harriet-davis/


January 2014: Featured Athlete on Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness

CLICK LINK TO READ: http://veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_hariet


January 2014: Published article in Rx Muscle. "Health Related Disorders and the Female Athlete: Exercise Induced Amenorrhea." CLICK LINK TO READ: http://www.rxmuscle.com/rx-girl-articles/10023-health-related-disorders-and-the-female-athlete-part-i-exercise-induced-amenorrhea.html


March 2014: Published article in Rx Muscle. "Health-Related Disorders and the Female Athlete: Part II: Problems Caused by Extreme Exercise and Dieting." CLICK LINK TO READ: http://rxmuscle.com/rx-girl-articles/10331-health-related-disorders-and-the-female-athlete-part-ii-problems-caused-by-extreme-exercise-and-dieting.html


March/April 2014: Featured Athlete in FitFigures (F2) Magazine's "Mission Accomplished" Segment.


April 2014: Featured Athlete in Oxygen Magazine's "Rising Stars: Future of Fitness" Segment.

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